Sales Policy 


The sales contract is between each individual "seller" and the “buyer”. Hippylife provides a service to facilitate that contract but is not responsible for it or its fulfilment.


All sellers agree to abide by the regulations of the country they reside in and the regulations of the country they they are selling to.


When you purchase an item through you are entering into a contract with the seller and are committing to paying for the item(s). You and you alone are liable for paying the seller if you commit to buy an item.

Returns Policy

In using Hippylife, sellers set out their own returns policy in accordance with their local laws regarding returns.

Cancelling a transaction.

The buyer must inform the seller if they wish to cancel the order and they must do this in writing (email is sufficient). Please refer to the sellers individual policy on cancellations.

Return of faulty goods.

The buyers right to return faulty goods is subject to the laws of the sellers country. Please check the sellers individual returns policy.

Lost items.

The seller is required to outline their policy on lost items. This policy must be in accordance with the local laws of the sellers country.