Here is a list of our frequently asked questions


How do I contact the seller about an item or and order?
Currently to contact the seller please visit their profile page to them via social media. For those sellers who do not have social media please contact us and we will pass on your message. We will be adding a method to contact sellers directly.

How do I buy something on Hippylife?
Found an item you would like to buy? Simply choose any options and add it to your cart, then check out and pay.

How much is delivery?
Each seller has their own delivery policy and charges. You can view their policy on their profile page and the delivery cost and estimated timings will show when you add a product to the cart.

How do I buy from multiple sellers?
If you find multiple products you wish to buy from different sellers simply add all the products to your cart and checkout. Please note that the delivery charge for each item will depend on the individual sellers delivery policy and fees.

When will I receive my order?
Each seller sets up their own delivery policy, which will outline how long it will take to dispatch and deliver your order. Made to order products will take longer to dispatch and delivery will depend on the shipping methods offered by each individual seller and whether it is national or international delivery.

How do I cancel and return my order and get a refund?
In order to cancel and return an order please contact the seller directly and check their returns policy.

Why can't I purchase and item?
Sellers choose which countries they will deliver to. It might be that a seller is not able to deliver to your country. Please contact the seller to enquire as to whether they would consider adding your country to their delivery options.

How do I leave feedback or review an order?
Once you have ordered an item you can leave a review on either the product or the seller. All reviews are currently approved by us here to ensure they are genuine.

Registering and Logging in

How do I register?
To register on the website please create an account using the create account link in the top right corner of the website. There is a video here on creating an account.

Can I have more than one account?
No, you may only have one account with Hippylife.

How do I delete my account?
Please contact us to arrange for your account to be deleted. We will be adding an option shortly to enable you to request this more easily. If you are a seller you can close your shop from the My Account section of the website and going to the GDPR section.


What can I sell?
Hippylife is a site for artists and crafters to sell hand-made products, this includes a wide variety of products. Please check our Prohibited Items Policy to see what is not allowed on Hippylife.

Do I need to use PayPal?
Yes all transactions are currently made using PayPal. We will be adding Stripe as an alternative payment gateway as soon as possible.

How do I set up a PayPal account?
Visit and create an account.

Can I sell products related to film characters?
No, as per the terms of use of Hippylife we do not allow the listing or sale of any products that infringe on a companies copyright or trademarks.

Do I need to safety test my products?
As a seller you need to ensure that your products meet the safety regulations of the country you are selling from and to. For example anyone selling toys within the EU must ensure the toy meets the CE EN71-3 safety requirements.

Creating and maintaining your shop

How do I become a seller?
If you don't have a hippylife account then click on create an account and on the sign up form tick the box indicating you wish to become a seller.
If you already have an account there is an option in the My Account section to become a seller. Here is a short video on creating an account.

What shipping options are available?
You can create your own shipping methods in the My Account section which allows you to configure how you charge for shipping and choose which countries you ship to. Watch this video to learn how to add and configure your shipping methods.

How do I add products?
In the My Account section you can add new products for sale. Watch this video for information on how to add a new product to your shop.

How do I list items and manage stock levels?
Any product that is enabled will be listed. During the product creation phase you can set the stock level and this will adjust as you make sales. Products which are out of stock are still listed.

How do I Manage my orders?
When a customer orders a product you will receive an email notification. You can then log into the My Account section to see the order details and be able to manage the order process.

How do I get paid?
All orders and earnings are visible within your seller account. Once you have sold items and have earnings available you can request a payout up to the value of any funds currently owed. To do this click on “Request payout” within the my account section of your seller account. Enter an amount and a reason, we do not require a reason however the shop setting for this can not be removed so feel free to enter gibberish here. We will then review the request and approve it if you have the available funds owed.

Fees and Bills

What fees does Hippylife charge?
Hippylife deducts 3% sales commission and a 2.9% transaction fee from the value of your sale. Hippylife does not charge any listing fees or limit how long a product is available for. We are in the process of implementing new payment gateways that will enable us to direct funds from sales, minus our 3% sales commission, directly to the individual sellers. Any transaction fees will then become the responsibility of the individual seller.